What's New/Changed in v9.9.8339

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine v9.9.


14445 – Character count added to job note reply fields

A character count has been added to the text fields in job notes so that users can see how many characters they have left when writing a reply.

13773 – A warning now shows when deleting notes

We have added a warning dialog that appears when users click the delete button in job notes. This is to prevent the accidental deletion of notes.

13774 – Updated to Notes and History labels in job notes

When clicking on a job in a grid, the in-line job details are displayed. We have changed the wording from what was previously the History tab to Notes and History, giving a more consistent approach with the job details page.

13875 – Partner column added to the deposit entry screen

We have added a Partner column to the deposit entry screen to display the invoice partner.

15809 – Retry functionality added for when a bill fails to confirm

For instances when a bill fails to confirm the first time, we have added a functionality that prompts the system to retry confirmation twice more before flagging it as a failed confirmation. This does not affect the front-end of the system.

15807 – Changes to Special Portfolio configuration error

When the Special Portfolio fails to load within 30 seconds, the user receives a message saying that there has been a configuration error. We have updated this message to tell the user that the error is due to a timeout. We have also increased the loading time from 30 to 60 seconds.

15802 – Checkbox added to draft bill analysis tab when adding group clients

We have added a Select all checkbox to the draft bill analysis tab to allow users to select or deselect all options when adding a group client.

15801 – Change to email report on Statement Generation page

Previously, the email check report launched from the Statement Generation page only listed clients whose statement email address didn't match the client’s email domain (both of which are entered on the Client Details page). We have made a change to the report to add clients with no email address.

15797 – Billing email address changes

When changing a client's billing address, the new address is added to any invoices going forward. We've made a change so that the billing address also gets added to any existing invoices for that client which went to the old address.



15781 - My Timesheet showing incorrect data

Some users were finding that in Entry > My Timesheet > Posted, only hours from the first day of the week were shown. This has been fixed.

Reported by BMF (Ticket no. 47504)

15782 - Charge rate seemed to reappear after deleting

We’ve fixed a problem in Staff > Details > Timesheet > Charge Rates where charge rates were reappearing after being deleted.

Reported by Baker Tilly (Ticket no. 48003)

15783 - Unable to add decimal figure to Disbursement Charge Percentage field

In Admin > Billing Administration, under the settings tab, some users found that they were unable to add decimal figures to the Disbursement Charge Percentage field. This has been fixed.

15788 - Department Diary and My Department Diary pulling from incorrect staff grades list

New grades created in Admin menu > Categories etc > Special Categories > Staff Grades were not pulling through to the Department Diary or My Department Diary pages. This has now been fixed.

Reported by Baker Tilly Rockies (Ticket no. 48316)

15789 - Staff & Global Jobs Lists without any jobs produce an error message

In the new job grids (v9.9.8216 and above), if users viewed, for example, the Staff Jobs list on a staff member with no jobs, or the Global Standard Job Management list where no jobs existed, the users would see an error message. We’ve fixed this so that no error is displayed – the grid will just be empty as expected.

Reported by Baker Tilly REO (Ticket no. 48326)

15790 - Export button wasn’t working on Global Std Job Management or Global Tax Job Management grids

This issue only applied to grids with the new grid filtering functionality (v9.9.8216 and above). It is now working.

Reported by Baker Tilly Catalyst (Ticket no. 48343)

15792 - Wrong description pulling through when adding new periods

When adding new periods in Admin > Periods, some users found that the wrong description was displaying. This has now been fixed.

Reported by HW Fisher (Ticket no. 48433)

15794 - Wrong information displaying on WIP Updates page

On the WIP Updates page, some users were seeing the WIP details of the last client that they had viewed in that page, instead of the current one. This has been fixed.

15808 - Changing job didn’t always enable the Save button in timesheets

Some users were finding that the Save button wasn’t enabled when editing current timesheets. This has been fixed.

Reported by CBIZ

15806 - Transfer button was always enabled in draft bill wizard

The Transfer button was enabled when it shouldn’t have been in the draft bill analysis tab. We have fixed this.

15805 - Rolled job note replies were added as new notes instead of replies

Replies on job notes should appear as replies once rolled. However, the system was turning them into new notes instead of keeping them as replies. This has been fixed.

15804 – Problems with decimals in Special Portfolio totals

Totals in Special Portfolios were displaying decimals as 00 (thus removing any cents or pennies from the total). We’ve now fixed this.

15803 - Filters not applying to the Jobs Due for Billing link in Client Dashboard

In the Draft Bills and Credit Notes dashlet on the Client Dashboard, the Jobs Due for Billing link was not applying the appropriate filters after taking the user to the Billing Portfolio.

15799 - Issues with changing analysis line from Progress to Interim

In the draft bill wizard, on the analysis tab, if you changed a line from Progress to Interim the bill amount showed briefly in the Carry Forward column before being moved to the Write Off column. Interim bills should always carry forward by default, regardless of if the default behaviour for Progress bills is to write off. When you change a progress line to interim then the balance should carry forward and not be written off. This is now working as expected.

Reported by CBIZ

15798 - Time history icon showing times in UTC

When you click the blue time history icon on an existing timesheet entry, the dates and times were in UTC rather than the user’s time zone.

15800 - Add Removed WIP clearing selected items

In the draft bill analysis tab, when adding removed WIP, users were finding that if thy selected specific items and collapsed and re-expanded the dropdowns, selections would be lost. This has been fixed.

15810 - WIP Updates allowed transfer of billed WIP

If you ticked to show billed WIP entries the system was allowing users to transfer entries that weren’t fully outstanding. We have removed the checkbox on partly or fully allocated lines.


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