What's New/Changed in v.9.98370

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine v9.9.


15827 - Deletion of multiple detail entries from draft bill

When editing a draft bill, the expanded individual lines on the Analysis tab now have checkboxes against each staff/analysis/task/role summary line and a checkbox on each individual transaction line. When checkboxes are selected, a delete button is enabled which allows you to delete all the selected items.


15828 - Drafts for Approval

Drafts for Approval have been added to Staff Drafts dashlet.


15823 - Default jurisdiction on tax return types

A default jurisdiction has been added to Tax Return Types to be used when creating job templates and jobs.



15826 - Bulk print zero bills

When clicking the bulk print button on the Draft as Owner, Drafts as Creator, Final Approval and Approved/Confirmable portfolios the system should include the draft zero bills in the generated report.


15787 - Date Placeholder in billing narrative 

We've fixed a problem in the billing where the date placeholder was not populating when adding more than one.

Reported by Baker Tilly (Ticket no. 48076)


15791 - Printing or e-mailing an invoice with attachments

We've fixed an issue where an error occurred when printing an invoice after adding or editing an attachment.

Reported by ITS (Ticket no. 48182)


15811 - WIP updates

We've fixed an issue when doing a WIP transfer (WIP Update). Only entries where the Amount and the Outstanding figures are the same can be transferred.

Reported by ITS (Ticket no. 48626)


15819 - Client staffing

On the Staffing screen, the 'Back' button is enabled after making changes.

Reported by Buzzacott (Ticket no. 49093)


15820 - Job Updated field

We've fixed an issue with the job_updated field in the tbljob_header. It is now populated correctly.

Reported by Haysmac (Ticket no. 48572)


15821 - Workflow Portfolio reports

Some users experienced an issue with reports in Portfolio > Task Pad > Workflow Portfolio. This has been fixed.

Reported by Baker Tilly (Ticket no. 48678)


15822 - Email in  Contact Details Dashlet

We've fixed an issue in Contact Details Dashlet, the email information is now correct.


15824 - Date parameters in US format when running reports.

An issue was reported with date formats. The parameters have been updated to a generic yyyyMMdd format that is understood by both UK and US logins.


15823 - Report error

Some users received an error message when trying to run a report using parameters. This has been fixed.

Reported by Whitelaw Wells (Ticket no. 49527)


15834 - Report export

We've fixed an issue where the Reports export failed if a grouping was selected.

Reported by Janover (Ticket no. 49342)


15835 - Printing Billing guides

We've fixed an issue where Billing guides were not printing from WIP screen for Disbursements.

Reported by Janover (Ticket no. 49390)







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