What's Changed in Build 9.8.SP1.7733

The following modifications have been made in this build:

11977 - Ability to credit and reinvoice a bill

An option has been added to the Actions tab of a credit note to allow the original bill to be credited and a new bill created. The Restore WIP checkbox has been changed to a drop-down selection that includes – Restore WIP, Write Off WIP, Restore and Re-bill WIP. This is only available if the bill is fully outstanding. (Requested by Aldrich Advisors)

12286 - Add a Created and Allocate option to the DRS/AR Journal

A Create and Allocate option has been added when processing a DRS/AR Journal. This will create the DRS/AR journal and open the Allocation dialog allowing the journal entry to be allocated against any outstanding entries. (Requested by Beta Testers) 

12643 - Changes to Clone Security

The Clone Staff options have been updated to become part of version 9. Clone To has moved to the Staff Security Settings page which can be accessed from Staff Details. Clone From is accessed from a new Bulk Staff Admin page within the Admin menu.

12566 - Changes to page location for Bulk Client Admin, Bulk Contact Admin and Bulk Job Admin

The Bulk Client Admin, Bulk Contact Admin and Bulk Job Admin pages have moved to the Data Maintenance section of the Admin taskpad.

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