What's Changed in Build 9.8.SP1.7683

The following modifications have been made in this build:

11971 - Add an Inline View on the Drafts as Owner/ Creator of the Billing Portfolio

An Inline View has been added to the Drafts As Creator/ Owner portfolios in the Billing Portfolio. Clicking onto a line will expand the draft bill to provide a summary of what has been included on the Analysis and Narrative of the bill. (Requested by Janet Zesut)

12084 - Default Action on the Main Summary Portfolio

Default actions have been added to all portfolios and levels within the Main Summary Portfolio.

12400 - Changes to default font settings

Two changes have been made to the default font settings. A global setting has been added to Transaction Settings to lock the default font settings and not allow overrides. It is now also possible to set the default font size against each font within the font list within Categories. (Requested by multiple users)

12401 - Expand All option within the Billing Wizard

Options have been included to be able to Expand All WIP by Staff, Analysis, Task or Role.

11402 - Ability to have a final scheduled bill with a value of 0

A modification has been made to allow the final scheduled bill within a billing schedule to have a value of 0. The resulting final bill can be set to create either a zero bill or a draft bill with a value of 0.

12403 - Manual When Complete billing type added

A new billing type has been added – Manual when Complete. Any job using this billing type will appear in the Job Billing Portfolio (when it is marked as complete where) it can then be drafted and the bill subsequently edited. These jobs will not appear when drafting a bill manually from the Client dashboard or the Owner Portfolios in the Billing Portfolio.

12531 - Addition of grouping levels to Add Removed WIP option

The Add Removed WIP function within the billing wizard has been modified to allow the grouping of the WIP entries by Staff, Analysis, Task or Role. This is only available when the job has been expanded.

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