What's Changed in Build 9.8.SP1.7709

The following modifications have been made in this build:

11975 - Option to make task selection mandatory

A setting has been added to the Timseheet Administration page to make task selection mandatory when completing a timesheet entry. (Requested by Hogan Taylor)

11975 - Timesheet entry – highlight current day

The current day has been highlighted within the New Time Entry dialog and the inline editing view of the timesheet. (Requested by Milsted Langdon)

12104 - Has RFP Receipt indicator on Unallocated Entries

An additional column has been added to the Unallocated Entries page that displays whether the deposit entry has an RFP receipt. This column can be filtered by entering ‘has RFP’ into the search field.

12404 - Jobs in Pool dashlet

A new standard dashlet has been added to display the number of jobs available for each job pool.

Classic page conversions

The following classic pages have been converted to V9 styling:

  • Staff Out Of Office
  • Staff Extenders
  • WIP Transfers
  • WIP Journal
  • WIP Balanced Journal
  • Client Keep In Touch
  • Clone Security
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