Release Summary (v9.7)

This article outlines the changes, modifications and fixes made to IRIS Practice Engine in version 9.7, i.e. those made since the last release (9.6).

Note: PE Collect (Advanced Credit Control) and Client Monies are not part of the core IRIS Practice Engine systemand are subject to additional Licence Fees and/or Service Fees. Please contact our Support Team for further information

System Requirements

IRIS Practice Engine Version 9 requires a minimum of SQL 2016 SP1. V9 also requires an SMTP relay that can beconnected to from IRIS Practice Engine. This is a requirement due to changes to security and authentication. A DNS site name will also be required for the 9.7 site. V9 now uses .Net.Core.


Version 9.7 incudes a rewrite of the billing process and related pages. The key benefits to 9.7 are:

  • The billing process is more closely linked to jobs.
  • The ability to pre-define bills and create a schedule of bills.
  • Pre-defined bills and scheduled bills can be automated to be drafted, confirmed and emailed when
    specific triggers have been reached.
  • Rich Text editing of the billing narratives.
  • Additional options available for allocation of WIP to bills and when it occurs.
  • Continuation of moving old style pages to the new V9 style.
  • Performance improvements

More information

What's New/Changed in v9.7

Table Strucutre Changes (v9.7)


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