Known Issues (v9.8)

This article lists current known issues for version 9.8. These items will be addressed in upcoming builds or a workaround will be detailed.

14598 – Unable to print 100s of Billing Guides at one time in Main Portfolio Summary 

Users are receiving error messages when trying to bulk print partner portfolios with over 100 clients in Portfolio > Main Portfolio Summary (with the Billing Guide option selected). 

Reported by BMSS (Ticket no. 43459) 

14435 – Issues with importing over 500 entries in Disbursements

When importing batches in Entry > Disbursements, users are receiving an error message when importing over 500 entries in a CSV file.

Reported by Albert Goodman (Ticket no. 41925)

13727 – “Expand All by” not expanding all entries as it did in previous versions

When in the Draft Bill Analysis tab, 9.8 and above versions of Practice Engine do not Expand All in as granular detail as it did in earlier versions. We are currently reviewing what the best options are to ensure users can see the level of detail they require without slowing the system down.



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