What's changed in Build 9.7.7811


12907 - No data entry fields available on Staff Budgets portfolio

For some customers, when running the Staff Budgets portfolio, the data entry fields were missing preventing the option of entering hours. This has now been fixed.

Reported by Crowthers (Ticket ID - 35666)

12906 - Bill layout drop-down on WIP/Billing tab not listing all available invoice layouts

On the WIP/Billing tab of the Client Details page, the Bill Layout drop-down list only showed RFP layouts. This has now been corrected.

12921 - When forwarding a job, clicking Reject All accepts the job rather than rejecting

When forwarding a job, in the Jobs Pending Acceptance window, if you click Reject All, the system incorrectly accepts the job rather than rejecting it. This has now been fixed.

Reported by Honkamp (Ticket ID - 35522)

12983 - Error message displayed when confirming recurring bills

An error message is displayed when attempting to confirm recurring bills. This has now been fixed.

12982 - Error message is displayed when clicking apply on Staff Details page following a save

On the Staff tab of the Staff Details page, if you click Change Details and save any changes, if you subsequently click Apply, an error message is displayed. This has now been fixed.

12951 - Unable to add leave requests for other staff members

Following conversion from the classic style page, you were no longer able to request leave for other staff members. This has now been fixed.

Reported by WMT (Ticket ID - 36037)

12950 - System pausing when entering text in Narrative field

When drafting a client bill, if text is entered in the Narrative field on the Narrative tab, the system regularly pauses every few second.

Reported by Ecology (Ticket ID - 36002)

12932 - Unclear error message displayed when no job templated is selected 

When creating a new prospects entry, or editing an existing one, an unclear error message is displayed if you have not selected a job template (because this is a mandatory field). This has now been corrected.

Reported on behalf of RSM Ireland


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