What's Changed in Build 9.7.7865


The following has been fixed in this release:

13243 - Removal of the ClientServDets permission still allowed users to edit and engage the service

Removal of the permission, ClientSerDets, was not restricting whether users could edit existing service or engage new services on a client. This has now been corrected.

(Ticket ID 37160)

13252 - Unapproved TOIL entries causing problems with timesheet posting

The Timesheet Posting routine was allowing Unapproved TOIL entries to be posted into closed weeks. The routine has now been updated to not duplicate the TOIL entries. A change was also made to the Leave Request Approval and Cancel routines to check for and update any automatic TOIL entries.

Reported by Crowthers (Ticket ID 37114)

13253 - Jurisdiction error message being displayed during timesheet entry

An error message was being displayed for timesheet entries on any job attached to a service that did not have any jurisdiction statuses set up. This has now been corrected.

Reported by Crowthers (Ticket ID 37171)

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