What's Changed in Build 9.8.7905


The following modifications have been made in this build:

12592 - Client Monies pages now all converted from classic style

All pages relating to Client Monies have now be converted from classic into the new styling.

13140 - Multiple deposit allocations now permitted for the same client

When adding deposits, all entries for the client were locked on the first deposit, which prevented subsequent deposits being allocated. You are now able to enter multiple deposit entries to the same client on the same deposit batch without the requirement to post the entries nefore adding new entries.

13153 - Client SP Mappings page now only lists SPs with matching client schema SPs

The Client SP Mappings page has been updated to only show SPs that have matching PE and client names. A Description field has been added to identify what the SPs do.

13155 - Job billing value added to draft bill

The New Draft Bill wizard now displays a column for the Job Billing Value against each job when a service is expanded.

13158 - Drafted By column added to several Billing portfolios

A Drafted By column has been added to the following Billing portfolios:

  • Draft as Owner
  • Final Approval
  • Approved/Confirmable
  • Details Approval

The column appears immediately after the Client Name.

13159 - An Out of Scope column has been added to the Analysis tab of a bill

When viewing the Analysis tab of a bill, a new Out of Scope column is displayed showing the WIP value for any out of scope time. When the WIP on the job is expanded to show the detail, any line containing out of scope date is shown in orange.

13190 - Download action has been added to bulk print pages (various areas)

Download action has now been added which, when clicked, downloads the whole set of invoices or statements into a single PDF. This has been changed in the following areas:

  • Bulk Statement
  • Bulk Credit Letter Printing
  • Unprinted Bill Printing
  • Bulk RFP Receipt Printing
  • Bulk Dunning Letter Printing


The following fixes have been made in this build:

13141 - Filter is not applied for specfic partner when generating statements

When statements are generated, you select a partner, then click View Details. The subsequent Review Statement tab shows the whole set of partners rather than the one selected. This has now been fixed.

13375 - Users with ExpManRev permissions seeing more expenses for approval

Users with the ExpManRev permissions are able to access more expenses for approval than they should. This has now been fixed.

13372 - Sending bulk invoices not being delivered at specified time

Emails were not being set at the time specified, and no more than 30 could be sent at a time. This has now been fixed.

13269 - Unable to remove users from the system

When managing group lists (via Admin > Security Admin), clicking Remove next to a suer does not remove them from the system. This has now been fixed.

13370 - Sender email specified when sending bulk statements not being honoured

When sending out bulk statement emails, any sender email specified in system options was not being honoured. This has now been corrected.

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