What's Changed in Build 9.8.SP1.7850


The following modifications have been made in this build:

5251 - Client Docs page updated from Classic to V9 styling

The Client Docs page has been updated from classic to V9 styling.

12607 - Ability to synchronise notes to jobs already rolled forward now available

When adding notes to jobs that have already been rolled forward, any new notes, changes to existing notes or note deletions are automatically applied to the applicable rolled forward jobs.

12613 - Bulk update/refresh existing questionnaires to match lates

You can now apply changes made to a questionnaire template to existing client or job questionnaires using the bulk job or bulk client admin routes.

12618 - Analysis column has been added to both the Staff and Classisc Timesheet approval page

An Analysiscolumn has been added to both the Staff and Classic timesheet approval pages to match the Weekly approval page.

12769 - (US Customers only) Title field has been relabelled to Prefix in all applicable areas

The Title field has been relabelled to Prefix in all applicable areas of the system, We have also provided an option to be able to switch this field on or off.

12771 - Job Title field has been added to the New Staff Creation page

A Job Title field has been added to the New Staff Creation page accessed via the Admin menu.

12774 - Sex field has been relabelled to Gender in all applicable areas

The Sex field has been relabelled to Gender in all areas of the software. We have also added a Preferred Pronoun field for use if required. Both of these fields can be simultaneously turned on or off via Transacton Settings.

12995 - Location on page now retained when entering WIP provision

When recording WIP provision for a record (via Portfolios > WIP and DRS Provisions/AR Reserves Portfolio), previously you were returned to the top of the grid after saving. Now, once Save is clicked, your current locaiton in the grid is retained.



The following fixes have been made in this build:

12914 - Some customers were unable to send feedback via the Help menu

The facility to send us feedback is available by selecting Help > Send Feedback from the menu, then completing the dialog. An error message was displayed indicating that the feedback email address has not been correctly set up and the feedback can, therefore, not be successfully sent. This has now been corrected.

Reported by WMT (Ticket ID - 35788)

12981 - Error message displayed when changing staff details for transfer or secondment

An error message was incorrectly displayed when changing the office, organisation, department or sub department of a member of staff. This has now been corrected.

12984 - Lost clients showing in a simple client search

Any clients marked as lost are listed when carrying out a simple client search. This has now been fixed.

Reported by WMT (Ticket ID - 36175)

13023 - Negative balances on invoices causing cash allocation to fail

If there is a negative line on an invoice, the allocation of a cash will fail generating an error message. This has now been fixed.

13097 - WIP and DRS Provisions portfolio incorrectly displaying error message

An error message is incorrectly displayed when you click on the WIP Balance in the WIP and DRS Provisions/ AR Reserves portfolio.

Reported by WMT (Ticket ID - 36655)

13107 - Group Deposit Allocation not allocating correctly

When allocating group deposits, the allocation was not correctly being reflected in the DRS/AR transactions. This has now been rectified.

13117 - When searching in a deposit, deposit item incorrectly duplicated.

When using the search option within a deposit, the deposit item was incorrectly duplicated. This has now been corrected. 

Reported by WMT (Ticket ID - 36527)

13130 - Incorrect error message displayed when emailing invoices

From the billing portfolio, when a email is sent and an address entered in CC or BCC, an error message is displayed when you click Send. This has now been corrected.

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