Release Summary v9.9

This article outlines the changes and modifications made to IRIS Practice Engine in version 9.9, i.e. those made since the last release (9.8)

Note: Advanced Credit Control and Client Monies are not part of the core IRIS Practice Engine system and are subject to additional Licence Fees and/or Service Fees. Please contact our Support Team for further information

System Requirements

IRIS Practice Engine Version 9 requires a minimum of SQL 2016 SP1. V9 also requires an SMTP relay that can beconnected to from IRIS Practice Engine. This is a requirement due to changes to security and authentication. A DNS site name will also be required for the 9.8 site. V9 now uses .Net.Core.


9.9 is the first version to be fully in the V9 styling. V9.9 focuses on improvements to the reporting experience. Key benefits includes: 

  • All pages converted to V9 styling. 
  • Query Builder – a new page to create simple queries against defined data models. Data models include Staff, Client and WIP with more data models planned. 
  • New Help Centre (Beta).

More information

Whats New/Changed in v9.9

Permissions Modifications (v9.9)

Table Structure Changes (v9.9)


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