What's Changed in Build 9.7.7936


13477 - Random WIP amounts being added when creating a negative WIP Progress Bill

When adding a negative WIP amount to a Progress Bill draft bill in the Analysis tab, if users clicked away from the tab then returned, random amounts of WIP were being added to the bill. This has now been fixed.

13389 - Problem with creating same day leave request

When creating a leave request for the same day, some users encountered an issue where their leave request set itself to the next day. This has now been fixed.

13553 - Error When Changing a User from Placeholder to Full

When changing the user from placeholder to full user, an error occurred advising duplicate code. We found that this was caused by Active Directory, which created the user in webpages_OAuthmembership when the user was first created as a placeholder. We have made a change that ensures OAuthmembership is cleared before changing the status of the user.
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