What's New/Changed in Build 9.9.7951

Here's what's new in the latest build of Practice Engine V9.9.


Feature Request - Batch Recurring Bills

Batch Recurring Bills Help Centre Guide

12610 - Batch Recurring Bills

Admin > Billing Administration

Batching Recurring Bills provides a way to group recurring bills together. New recurring bill batches can be added from the Recurring Bill Batches tab, located in Admin > Billing Administration.

13051 - Changes to Client Recurring Bills

Client > Recurring Bills

Once you’ve created a new batch, you can add existing Recurring Bills to a batch by selecting Client > Recurring Bills and clicking Edit Bill in the Actions column. A new Batch field has been added to this page to enable you to select the batch you’d like to add your recurring bill to.

13052 - Recurring Bill Generation

Admin > Billing Administration

A Batch field has also been added to the Filters section of the Recurring Bill Generation tab. Selecting the batch from this field will display all recurring bills attached to the selected batch.


New Page - Combine Clients

12611 - Combine Clients

Combine Clients Help Centre Guide

Client > Task Pad > Combine Clients

The Combine Client function merges two clients of the same type into a single record. This ensures records are kept streamlined when duplicate clients have been entered into the system, when businesses merge, or when you change the structure of a client set-up.


New Page - Reporting Dashboard

Reporting Dashboard Help Centre Guide

Reporting > Reporting Dashboard

A Reporting Dashboard has been added so that users can view all of the reports and queries that they need to access on a regular basis. There are currently three different dashlets that users can add to this dashboard:

12873 - My Queries Dashlet

The My Queries dashlet contains two tabs that allow the user to see either all of the queries they have created or just the queries which they have marked as a favourite query. Users can also choose to Share their queries with different staff in the company.

12869 - My Favourite Reports Dashlet

The My Favourite Reports dashlet displays a list of reports that you have added to your favourites on the View Reports page.

12874 - Company Queries Dashlet

The Company Queries dashlet displays a list of queries that have been created and shared by other users in the company.


13426 - Jobs Data Model Added in Query Builder

Reporting > Query Builder

A Jobs Data Model has now been added to the Query Builder. This will enable users to build queries pertaining specifically to different types of Job within the business.

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