What's New/Changed in v9.9.7982

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine V9.9.


13492 – Localised link to the Help Centre added to Practice Engine

We have created a localised link within Practice Engine to ensure users are viewing the correct Help Centre content.

13489 – Data Insights has changed to Reporting

The section of Practice Engine previously known as Data Insights has been changed to Reporting to reflect the range of options available in that menu.

13273 - New State/County category added

State/County options in Practice Engine previously came from a hard coded list. We have changed this so that States and Counties are now pulled from a General Category in Admin > Categories.

12870 – New Reporting Dashlet: My Macros

Reporting > Dashboard

The new My Macros dashlet on the Reporting dashboard allows the user to access and run their frequently-used macros without having to find the macros in the report macro list each time.

12935 – Reports description field now available for viewing reports

Reporting > Report Admin

Reporting > View Reports

A Description field has been added to Report Admin which allows users to elaborate on the content of any given report. The description appears in the reports list in View Reports, below the title of the report.

12937, 13111 – Changes to Data Type reports

Reporting > Report Admin

Reporting > View Reports

Because of instances where a report is so large that it cannot be viewed as a report (Data Only reports), we have added a Type column in the View Reports list so that users know that this type of reports has to be downloaded as a CSV file. Selecting the Data Type report will prompt you to download the file as a CSV. Admins can mark a report as Data Type by selecting the Data Only checkbox in the General tab of Report Admin.

To preview these changes, visit out Help Centre page.

12938 – Autosave feature added to report settings

When a user changes the Dates or Ranges in a report, any changes made will be saved automatically.

12986, 12987 – Users can now edit shared macros

Reporting > Report Macros

In previous versions, shared macros could only be edited by the person who originally created the macro. If the original macro creator left the company, it was not possible to edit these shared macros. We have changed the sharing options on macros so that others can run and edit a shared macro if they have the correct permissions.

To find out more about setting sharing permissions for report macros, visit our Help Centre page.

12988, 13110 – Users can now edit the subject line and email text in macros, as well as easily add multiple recipients

Reporting > Report Macros

We have simplified the process of emailing macros to multiple staff members by adding an email address look-up tool to the screen. We have also added the ability to edit both email subject lines and body text when sending macros.

13174 – Budgeted Standard Hours added to Staff Productivity dashlet

Staff > Dashboard

We have implemented a feature request to add the budgeted standard hours of a staff member to the Staff Productivity dashlet.

13175 - Changes to Leave Type label on the Leave Types page

Admin > Leave Types

We have changed the Leave Type label when adding a new leave type in Admin > Leave Types to Analysis Type to avoid confusion. We have also changed the Activity column on the Leave Types landing page to Analysis for greater consistency.

13278, 13279, 13280 and 13482 - Country field is now entered by autocomplete in the Client Details, Staff Details, Prospect Details and Contact Details tabs

We have changed the way that users enter information into the country field in Client Details, Staff Details, Prospect Details and Contact Details so that they are consistent with the rest of the product. This autocomplete information is populated from the Country category.


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