Known Issues (v9.9)

This article lists current known issues for version 9.9. These items will be addressed in upcoming builds or a workaround will be detailed.


16069 - Timesheet Posted tab cannot print one week if it's a split week

There is an issue when going to Posted and trying to print timesheet details for a split week, not all days are showing in the printed file.

Reported by Jackson Thornton (Ticket no.58438)


16078 - On Prem Cannot use Azure File Storage and print Invoices with Statements

The Azure storage works to create the file of the invoices. However, when creating statements the invoices are not being appended to the statements. Workaround is to use Blob storage. 

Reported by PB Mares (Ticket no. 58943, original ticket no. 58376 ).


16084 - Fix Calendar in Parameters of Reports

When adding a parameter with a date field in reports, the calendar is not displaying properly because the standard CSS file is not being applied to the page.

Reported internally (Ticket no. 59106)


16099 - Zero Bill still have weird allocated amounts with multiple interim invoices.

When creating zero bills for jobs with more than one interim invoice, the total amount of WIP is applied to all invoices (up to the amount of the invoice, resulting in more being written off/carried forward than is available. Allocated amounts are all off.

Reported by AAF CPAs (Ticket no. 57070)


16102 - When using "add a group client" the wipalloc and wipallocsum tables "de-sync"

There is an issue when using "Add a Group Client", where the wipalloc and wipallocsum tables de-sync.

Reported by Withum (Ticket no.57929)


16103 - Expense is being flagged as a Disbursement

There is an issue where an expense can be mistakenly moved to a disbursement. If the staff member also has a new disbursement entry in the system for the same date, it will not work as expected.

Reported by Buzzacott (Ticket no. 58038)


16115 - Credit Memo with multiple interim invoices can't be confirmed

There is an issue where an error message is displayed when confirming a credit memo for invoices.

Reported by Honkamp


16118 - 2023 Mileage Adding Vat

There is an issue when entering staff expenses unit allocations, a tax amount is being automatically added even though the only tax rate is zero rated (0%).

Reported by Lucas Horsfall 


16137 - Error thrown when trying to open a newly made questionnaire

There is an issue with questionnaires that have a question with an input type of Combobox, where an  error message is displayed when loaded.

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