What's New/Changed in v9.8.SP1.8018

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine V9.8.


13660 - Bulk Confirm only refreshed once after confirming

After choosing Bulk Confirm on the Billing Portfolio page, the list of invoices automatically updates. However, repeating this action would not automatically refresh the list. This has now been fixed.

Reported by BMSS (Ticket no. 38707)

13659 - Print button wasn't working properly on Draft Bills

After selecting the Print and Mail option in Draft Bills, the Print button at the bottom of the invoice did not work. We have now fixed this and the button is working normally.

Reported by BMSS (Ticket no. 39097)

13638 - Rich Text formatting wasn't pulled through to DRS Statement email

When emailing a DRS Statement, Rich Text formatting wasn't available in the text box. We have resolved this.

Reported by Albert Goodman (Ticket no. 38827)

13615 - Recurring Bill type was not treated as Manual once in a bill

It is now possible to change the Billing Value or Write Off Value once a Recurring Bill is added to a Manual Bill.

13608 - Out of Scope checkbox was not deactivating when Task selected

The ability to save a timesheet with both a Task and the Out of Scope checkbox selected was only showing in a weekly timesheet entry. The save button never appeared on daily timesheet entry. This has now been resolved.

Reported by BMSS (Ticket no. 38711)

13728 – “New” button in Desposits was not working as expected

When selecting the “New” button in Deposits, the initial deposit wasn’t saved before loading the new form to enter multiple deposits. This has been fixed.

Reported by BMSS (Ticket no. 39328)

13726 – Issue with Add and Auto Allocate within Draft Bills

An issue was recorded where occasionally a $0.01 carry forward amount was added and then then offset when generating invoices. We have resolved this issue.

Reported by BMSS (Ticket no. 39079)



13730 - Changes to the Write Off Carry Forward (W/O/C/F) flag for interim bills

In Organisation Billing Settings, a label has been changed from Default Bills to C/F to Default Progress bills to C/F.

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