What's New/Changed in v9.9.8045

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine V9.9.


13839 – Error messages when trying to save Macros with Grouping, Sorting, Filtering tab

When trying to save a Macro that displays the Grouping, Sorting, Filtering tab, users received an error message this has now been resolved

Reported by Honkamp (Ticket no. 40001)

13743 – Billing Email and Statement Email fields are not saving in New Take On Request

Client Billing Email and Client Statement Email fields were not saving entered addresses when filling out a New Take On Request.

Reported by Hogan Taylor

13749 – Purpose field in Reports > Admin > Detailed was a required field, but it was not marked as such

Users were unable to save a report within filling in the Purpose field as it was a mandatory field. We have made this a non-mandatory field.



12934 – Queries and Portfolios are now visible from the View Reports list

Reporting > View reports

In order to make our system more efficient for our users, we have added Queries and Portfolios folders to the View Reports list to save on excessive navigation around PE.

13791 Portfolios can now be added to favourites from Reporting > View Reports

Reporting > View Reports

We have added a function to the View Reports list, under Portfolios, where users can add portfolios to their Favourites. This is in preparation for a future release when we will add a portfolios dashlet to the Reporting dashboard.

13734 & 13739 – Enhancements made to Query Builder models

Reporting > Query Builder

We have taken on board your feedback on the Query Builder models and have made some enhancements to the existing models:

Client Model – this model now includes the Client Gain/Loss information, WIP/Billing information, and information from the DRS/Collection page.

WIP Model – this model has been updated to improve the conditions that are available for Hours, Amount, Cost, Billed, WOff, Adjustment and Outstanding. It is now possible to apply additional conditions to these columns that include:

  • Equal/Not Equal
  • Between
  • Less Than/Less Than or Equal
  • Greater Than/Greater Than or Equal

DRS Model – this model has had the Fee Partner and Fee Manager added as available columns. We have also updated the conditions to include:

  • Equal/Not Equal
  • Between
  • Less Than/Less Than or Equal
  • Greater Than/Greater Than or Equal

These enhancements provide more flexibility within the Query Builder and allow more self-service data extraction for users.

13590 – Order of Billing Admin tabs has been modified to improve usability

Admin > Billing Admin

The Recurring Bill Batches tab has been moved so it follows the Recurring Bill Admin tab on the Billing Administration page.

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