What's New/Changed in v9.9.8076

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine V9.9.


Improvements to our Job Notes functionality

Based on your feedback and feature suggestions, we have implemented a wide range of improvements to our Job Notes functionality. In this release, we have added:

  • 13766 - The ability to complete multiple notes at once - users can now select multiple notes from the active job note tab in an Actions column, and complete them in one go.
  • 13780 - The ability to edit and delete job note replies - users can now edit or delete their job note replies. We have also added a permission so that approved users can delete replies of other members of staff.
  • 13768 - The user who completed a note is marked in the history - when a user completes a note through the new Actions function in the Active Notes tab, a record is created in the History tab.

To read more about these changes and how they work, visit our Help Centre guide.

In future build we will be refining the Job Notes section further, so keep an eye out for more updates in releases.

13729 - Users with edit permission can now delete macros and change ownership

Reporting > Task Pad > Report Macros

Users belonging to a group assigned with edit permissions (go to Step 4 of our Help Centre guide to learn more about macro sharing permissions) are now able to delete and change ownership of macros belonging to a staff member who no longer works for the organisation. Users cannot delete macros that belong to another active staff member.

13579 - Apply button added to Macro Details screen

Reporting > Task Pad > Report Macros, while editing an existing macro or adding a new one

We have added an Apply button to the Macro Details screen so that users can apply changes as they set up various aspects of the macro without having to select Save and leave the screen. Users are advised to select the Save button once all of their changes have been made.

13676 - Cookie policy added

We have added a new cookie policy to Practice Engine in order to allows users to accept our use of cookies for analytics purposes. These analytics will help to give us a deeper insight into how our customers are using the product.



13797 - Main Portfolio: Billing Guide by Service Partner/Manager was not working as expected

Some users encountered an issue in when completing the following scenario:

  1. Portfolio > Main Portfolio Summary > Billing Guide
  2. Select View by Service or Job Partner/Manager/In Charge
  3. Refresh
  4. Select a staff member (view details)
  5. Select a client
  6. Bulk print

After carrying out these steps, the report was printing all WIP and Jobs, regardless of whether those services and jobs were attached to the selected staff member. This has now been fixed.

13886 - Issues with a 1p/1c difference when allocating deposits

Some users were experiencing small differences when allocating deposits. This issue has been resolved.

Reported by WMT, Thomas Westcott, Hogan Taylor

13874 - Date issues when creating a New Deposit Batch

When creating a New Deposit Batch in Entry > Deposits > Create a New Deposit Batch, instead of reflecting the creation date in the Deposit Item Detail page, the system defaulted to today’s date. This has been resolved.

Reported by Hillier Hopkins

13837 - Comma showed in Form Year field on Tax Job with Jurisdictions

On client tax jobs with jurisdictions, the Form Year field was showing a comma after the first digit. The comma is no longer present.

Reported by Barnes Dennig & Co., Ltd (Ticket no. 40175)

13866 – An extra line was added when adding Bill Paragraphs in the Billing Wizard after clicking Append

After raising a Draft Bill, in the Narrative tab, some users have found that clicking Append in the Bill Paras window added a blank line before the text. This has been fixed.

13849 - Timesheets: Date field showing in Others timesheet tab when the Staff field is blank

In My Timesheet > Others tab, the date field was appearing when the Staff field was left blank. We have fixed this issue.

13960 - Cannot create an unlinked credit note if the manager is set to No Staff Allocated

When creating a new credit note in Client Dashboard > Draft Bills and Credit Notes, if the Manager is set as Unallocated, users are unable to create a credit note.

Reported by Haines Watts (Ticket no. 41185)

13845 - Added a default rack for users to save tax return types to

(Admin > Categories > Main Categories > Tax Returns > Return Types).

Previously, if users tried to save a tax return type without having a rack set up, they would receive an error message. We have added a default rack for users to save a tax return types to.

Reported by BMSS (Ticket no. 40166)

13950 - Client Monies: Editing a date on a withdrawal transaction didn't enable Save

Client Monies > Client Maintenance

After editing a withdrawal transaction, the Save button was not enabled. This has now been fixed.

13911 - Last Statement field date was not updating

When generating statements in Admin > Create and Print Statements, the Last Statement field was not updating with the date. We have fixed this issue.

Reported by Honkamp

14031 - Bulk RFP printing was including invoices and credit notes (8077)

In Admin > Banking Administration, in the Bulk RFP Printing tab, the list showed invoices and credit notes as well as RFPs. This has now been resolved.

Reported by Thomas Westcott (Ticket no. 41667)

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