What's New/Changed in v9.8.8074

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine V9.8.


13866 – An extra line was added when adding Bill Paragraphs in the Billing Wizard after clicking Append

After raising a Draft Bill, in the Narrative tab, some users have found that clicking Append in the Bill Paras window added a blank line before the text. This has been fixed.

13849 - Timesheets: Date field showing in Others timesheet tab when the Staff field is blank

In My Timesheet > Others tab, the date field was appearing when the Staff field was left blank. We have fixed this issue.

13960 - Cannot create an unlinked credit note if the manager is set to No Staff Allocated

When creating a new credit note in Client Dashboard > Draft Bills and Credit Notes, if the Manager is set as Unallocated, users are unable to create a credit note.

Reported by Haines Watts (Ticket no. 41185)

13797 - Main Portfolio: Billing Guide by Service Partner/Manager was not working as expected

Some users encountered an issue in when completing the following scenario:

  1. Portfolio > Main Portfolio Summary > Billing Guide
    Select View by Service or Job Partner/Manager/In Charge
    Select a staff member (view details)
    Select a client
    Bulk print

After carrying out these steps, the report was printing all WIP and Jobs, regardless of whether those services and jobs were attached to the selected staff member. This has now been fixed.


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