What's New/Changed in v9.9.8096

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine V9.9.


12872 - New My Favourite Portfolios dashlet in the Reporting Dashboard

The new My Favourite Portfolios dashlet is now up and running in the Reporting Dashboard. You can save all of your most frequently viewed portfolios to this dashlet by visiting Reporting > View Reports > Portfolios folder, and selecting the star icon on the Dashboard button in the Actions column.

Read more about the Reporting Dashboard in the Practice Engine Help Centre.


14093 - Questions with Input Type “None" weren't showing

In questionnaires, the question input type of "none" was not functional and did not display the question in the actual questionnaire unless a different input type was selected. These questions will now show on questionnaires.

Reported by Honkamp (Ticket no. 41352)

14014 - Problems with Automatic Allocation and Create RFP Receipt option on Recurring Receipt Allocation

The DD Automatic Allocation was not allocating against outstanding bills. This has now been resolved.

Reported by Honkamp (Ticket no. 41534)

14077 - Printing from Billing Wizard was not clearing the invoice from the bulk fee printing queue

This was because no message was displayed to say it has printed correctly. We have added a message to ask the user if the bill or credit note has printed correctly.

Reported by Hogan Taylor (Ticket no. 40604)

14015 - Exchange adjustment transactions: SP change required in master SPs

The SP had already been updated but needed to be applied to the master SPs. This problem was happening when a receipt was using one exchange rate and the invoice was set as a different exchange rate. This has now been resolved.

Reported by RSM Ireland (Ticket no. 40819)

14142 - Retainer not applying/allocating correctly in Draft Bill

Retainers were showing as duplicated when applying within Draft Bills. We have fixed this issue.

Reported by MS Tiller (Ticket no. 41452)

13956 - Deposit Detail grid data export wasn't functioning

In the grid found in Entry > Deposits, the Data (data export) function was not working. This has been resolved and the data export function is now working properly.

Reported by MS Tiller (Ticket no. 41286)

14060 - Unallocated entries data button was not downloading all entries when using "Show All"

In Entry > Unallocated Entries, when exporting via Data or Filtered Data, the export seemed to work as normal. However, after clicking Show All, you would get a higher number appearing as the total. Even if you selected Show All and ran a data export again, it would still show the original lower total. This has been fixed.

Reported by MS Tiller (Ticket no. 41574)

13961 - Drafts as Owner dashlet was not displaying drafts where a person is a manager

The Drafts as Owner dashlet was not showing all drafts if the staff member was a partner or manager on a range of drafts. The drafts where the staff member was a partner were showing but where they were a manager too, they were not showing. We have fixed this issue.

Reported by Albert Goodman (Ticket no. 41478)

13783 - Deposit method field was not using order set in Categories

You can set the order of deposit methods in Admin > Categories > General Categories > Deposit Methods. In the last version of 9.9, when adding a new deposit or editing an existing one (Entry > Deposits > Add Deposit > New (or edit existing), the order of the Method drop-down was random. We have fixed this issue so that the order of deposit methods set in Categories is reflected in Deposits.

Reported by Honkamp (Ticket no. 39938)

13914 - Clients added in a deposit were not added to MRU list

Clients added when creating new deposits (Entry > Deposit) weren't appearing on the user's MRU list. This has been fixed.

Reported by Albert Goodman

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