What's New/Changed in v9.9.8174

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine v9.9.

14596 - When Using 0 for percentage of standard job charge rate the 0 did not display

In Client > Task Pad > Job Details, in the Rates panel of a selected job, adding a 0 in the Percent of Standard field (after selecting Use Percentage of Standard) caused the 0 to disappear. The system recognised the 0, but no 0 was displayed. We have now fixed this so that the field displays the 0.

14597 - Issues with applying £/$0 to single flat or custom rates

Some users found that using a £/$0 Rate for Single Flat or Custom Rate on a Job was not posting to WIP as $0.  This has now been resolved.

14604 – Issue with adding clients from other organisations in the billing process

If users conducted a client search on a client from an organisation, then went into the Billing Wizard and added another client/job to the bill, it defaulted to the organisation the user had previously searched on, despite the cross-organisation billing being authorised in Billing Admin. This has now been fixed.

Reported by CBIZ (Ticket no. 43896)

14551/14607 – Possible to select client with Financial status when creating a deposit entry

In previous versions of PE, when adding a client with the status of Financial to a deposit entry, a pop-up would appear warning you that it was a Financial client, something that we removed in 9.9. We have reinstated this pop-up.

Reported by Honkamp (Ticket no. 43252)

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