What's New/Changed in v9.9.8196

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine v9.9.

14324 – Checkbox issues in Admin > Questions

Under Admin > Questions, when editing questions, there is a checkbox option to use multiple lines. Checking this box and saving put the question on multiple lines as expected, but when users went back into Questions, the checkbox appeared to be unchecked. This has been fixed.

Reported by Smith Schaefer (Ticket no. 41572)

14402 - Available amount doesn’t reset in Draft Bill

When allocating a receipt to an invoice, if you removed the allocation, the available amount did not update. We have fixed this issue.

Reported by Smith Shaefer (Ticket no. 42663)

14563 – Disbursements not writing off when using scheduled billing with a final bill type of zero bill

When billing based on schedule and using a zero bill as the final bill type, only time is automatically written off – not disbursements. The outstanding disbursement amount is instead showing in the C/F column, and users are unable to edit the write off unless they change the bill type. A new option has been added to the Final Bill Type - Zero Bill and Include Disbursements.

Reported by Hayashi Wayland (Ticket no. 42776)

14595 - Date errors when adding new deposits

In Entry > Deposits > Add New, not manually changing the date picker set the date as the day before when UK users selected Save. We have now fixed this issue.

Reported by Bowlts (Ticket no. 43907)

14678 – Error showing in Staff > Global Jurisdiction Job Management

In Staff > Global Standard Job Management, if the Job Budget Hours total was more than $/£9,999,999.00, an error message was shown. This has now been resolved.

Reported by CBIZ (Ticket no. 44351)

14770 – Problems with write-off amount if using certain billing and allocation types

A double W/O amount was created in the following scenario:

  • Set up a job and change the Billing Type to Based on Job, Allocation Type to Automatic Pro Rata When Closed.
  • Complete the job.

In the draft, the W/O was applied to the billing value of both time and disbursements, creating a double W/O amount. Because the Allocation was set to automatic and not manual, it was locked and could not be edited by the biller at this point. This issue has now been resolved.

Reported by Smith Schaefer (Ticket no. 44695)

14724 - Payment method in Deposit Entry wasn't defaulting to first payment method

When adding a new deposit in Entry > Deposits, the Method drop-down menu should have listed methods in the order set in Admin > Categories. Despite this, the Cash method always appeared first in the list. We have now fixed this.

Reported by Olsen Thielen (Ticket no. 44417)

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