What's New/Changed in v9.9.8293

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine v9.9.


13829 - Update to the Global Standard Job Management List 

Users can now filter results on the Global Standard Job Management list.

15118 - Recurring Bill Generation: view entries up to specific date

The Recurring Bill generation includes all WIP associated with selected jobs within the recurring bill. The new WIP Date field allows you to include WIP up to a specified date.


15425 - Print Statements from Client DRS transactions

In Client > DRS Transactions, on the Print tab, the Include Invoices check box is now working. If selected, invoices are included when printing the statement.

15609 - Users unable to create a combined credit note

When creating a combined credit note, users are no longer receiving an error.

15687 - Financial with Provisions Dashlet

The issue with the Financial with Provisions dashlet not showing the Debtor Provision figure for some users has been resolved. The Debtor Provision figure is now shown.

15754 - Report Macros are not working

When users ran a report macro, the reports did not generate and an error was shown. This is now resolved and the report macros are working as expected. 

15756 - Only one job can be selected when creating a manual bill

When creating a manual bill for a client, once a job is selected, all other check boxes are disabled. This is the case even when the Single Job Bills setting is disabled in Billing Settings.

This issue has now been resolved and users can now select multiple jobs. 

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