What's New/Changed in v9.9.8306

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine v9.9.


Rolling of jobs on suspended or lost clients is now blocked

The system now blocks the ability to roll jobs onto clients that are classed as Suspended Pending Loss. This functionality is enabled by ticking the Lock Suspended Clients checkbox in Admin > Categories etc > Transaction Settings

Permission updated to remove ability for managers to approve their own expenses

The ExpManRev permission previously allowed managers to approve the expenses of all staff, including themselves. This was questioned by several PE users. We have changed this permission so that while they can still approve the expenses of others, they will not be able to approve their own expenses. Managers will be able to approve their own expenses if they also have the ExpGloRev permission enabled.

New grid filtering capabilities added to Global Tax Job Management page

Our new grid filtering functionalities have now been added to the Global Tax Job Management grid. For more information on these new capabilities, visit the Help Centre.


15753 - Error adding or editing a Staff Charge Rate

When adding a new staff charge rate, if there were timesheet entries beyond the date entered on the new charge rate, an error was displayed. This has been fixed.

Reported by FRP Advisory (Ticket no. 47316)

15755 – Issue with billing templates when drafting a new bill

When a new draft bill was created, the default billing layout was not being used. We have now fixed this issue.

Reported by Lubbock Fine (Ticket no. 47118 )

15759 - Allocations within a deposit disappeared the day after entry

Editing a deposit with an allocation that was created in a previous day caused the allocation details to be reset. This is because the system assumed it was a new allocation. We have now fixed this issue.

Reported by CBIZ (Ticket no. 45821)

15760 - WIP Journals were posting to wrong period when entering on last day of month

WIP Journals posted on the last day of the month were being assigned a periodindex of 0, which subsequently put them into the following period. For example, journals posted on 8/31/2022 were posted in the September period. This has now been fixed.

Reported by Olsen Thielen (Ticket no. 45686)

15761 - Credit Memo calculations were misbehaving, causing duplicate key errors

When creating a credit memo, the Write Off analysis wasn't always set correctly. This triggered updates when the credit memo loaded, resulting in a duplicate key. This problem has been fixed.

Reported by CBIZ (Ticket no. 45729)

15762 - Staff Productivity dashlet YTD Hours redirected to incorrect page

The YTD Chargeable Hours link on the Staff Productivity dashlet incorrectly redirected to the Staff Budgets page. It is not pointing to the correct page.

Reported by Bober Markey Fedorovich (Ticket no. 46115)

15763 – Issues when entering deposits

When entering multiple deposits, the client details were sometimes saved incorrectly. This has now been fixed.

Reported by Milsted Langdon (Ticket no. 47247)

15764 – Issues with submitting take-on requests with multiple engagements

When submitting a take-on request with multiple engagements on the same contact, where those engagements had jobs defined, an error was displayed when trying to create the jobs. This issue has been fixed.

Reported by Alwyns (Ticket no. 44795)

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