What's New/Changed in v9.9.8321

Here's what's changed in the latest build of Practice Engine v9.9.


New grid filtering capabilities added to Custom Job Portfolios page

Our new grid filtering functionalities have now been added to the Custom Job Portfolios grid. For more information on these new capabilities, visit the Help Centre.

New note type column added to job notes

A new column has been added to job notes which displays the note type, so that users can more easily navigate large volumes of job notes.


15768 - Issues when requesting a new engagement on client contact search

When requesting a new engagement after conducting a client contact search, the system timed out for some users. This has now been fixed.

15774 - Issues with editing staff charge rates

When adding a new charge rate for a new staff member (that has timesheets), the system was showing an error after clicking the Apply button. This has been resolved.

Reported by Haines Watts Newcastle (Ticket no. 47811)

15767 – Issues with WIP notes in draft bills

Some users found that when they tried to add notes to the 'WIP note' text box on the analysis tab in a draft bill, the notes didn't save. This is now working as it should.

Reported by HW Fisher (Ticket no. 47625)

15775 - Mandatory fields functionality wasn’t working properly in client take on

Selecting “User Required” in Admin > Take-On Request Setup to create mandatory fields in the take on process was not working. We’ve fixed this problem.

Reported by Baker Tilly Catalyst LLP (Ticket no. 47818)

15777 - Next Action Date on Staff Jobs list showed as blank

The Next Action Date column in the Staff > Jobs grid was not showing any data. This has been resolved.

Reported by ATA (Ticket no. 47469)

15779 - Problems with standard cost settings

The standard cost values entered in Admin > Billing Administration > Settings were not being properly calculated if using standard costs when creating a draft bill.

Reported by Honkamp (Ticket no. 47203)

15780 - My Department Diary had incorrect department selected

In Staff > My Department Diary, users should see information for the department they are in. The system was instead selecting All Departments from the drop-down list, and users were unable to change this. This problem has been resolved.

Reported by Smythe (Ticket no. 47019)



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