V9.6 Expenses - Ability to scan in a fuel VAT receipt when only claiming mileage

HMRC require us to attach a copy of a VAT fuel receipt when claiming mileage to cover the amount of the VAT reclaimed on the fuel element. I’m not worried about PE not calculating the VAT that can be reclaimed as I have that covered, but if the claim is just for mileage it’s not possible to scan in the VAT receipt for fuel to go with the claim, as the system won’t let you have a receipt that you haven’t claimed anything against (Mileage being in the Unit based area).

If there was more expenses then just mileage then you could just tag the fuel receipt on the end of one of the other receipts, but if there are no other receipts then you are stuffed.

I think we just need a tick box on the receipt page to indicate that this is for VAT purposes only or maybe something more vague like “No expenses to claim for this receipt”. This would then mean that the receipt would be ignored when the check is made on submitting the claim.


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