Job Workflow Status Permissions

Currently the Workflow Status allows you to set security groups which can see the status in the Job Workflow Status drop-down. Unfortunately, if a user is not in that security group the status does not show. When a user not in the appropriate security group and cannot see the workflow status, the status reverts to the first item in the list which is “Not Started” in our system.  We currently would like to set the status of Delivered – Waiting 8879, Delivered – Paper Filed, 8879 Received and IRS Accepted to be restricted to either certain users or the system. If we do this and a “regular” user opens the Job Details and hits save the status will go back to “Not Started” which is not the desired result.  

If I can make a possible suggestion or solution it would be this:

  • Disable the Job Workflow Status dropdown for user if the that user does not have access to that status.
  • Show the correct status in the Dropdown but it will be disabled.
  • If user Saves record, the correct status is still maintained and the user can see the correct status in the dropdown on the Job Details page.
  • Users with access to that status will have an enabled dropdown and can change the status as needed.

This way when the record has moved to Delivered thru IRS Accepted the status will be effectively locked to users that do not have access to those status.


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