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In terms of making the solution the most flexible (so  that it can handle any form or document), I would suggest that you consider providing an update document process that just updates the document that was inserted into tblblobstorage as part of the Add process.  You already know the content type (i.e.  word, excel, or pdf type file) so if you can figure out how to launch the native application(word, excel, acrobat)  based on a file type association that would be great.  Then, let the user make the update in Word, Excel, Acrobat etc. and when done save it back to the same location (row) in  the tblblobstorage via a word, excel and acrobat add-in  so that when the user selects the Save to PE menu item, PE will know to save it back to the same tblblobstorage location.

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