Search Screens- Save my search criteria (#3608)

When using V8 search screens (Contacts, Clients, Staff) a user could click the browser back button after selecting one of the records from the list and the search list would be displayed again.


In V9 when you click back the search screen is displayed but it is blank and you need to enter your search criteria again.


Is it possible to return to the search list retaining your previous search criteria.


This is something that administrators may need to do when reviewing data or looking for information.





**If you go to the extended Client search, and enter a search criteria in either partner or manager, then make a selection (go to the clients dashboard) if you then navigate back to the search, your search criteria has been saved to the screen, and the search list is available to you.

If however, you put in a search criteria for Client name, Short code or code, then the search criteria is not saved when you return to it after making a selection.

Perhaps a clear button is needed to clear search header also?**


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