Options to add new client status

It would be wonderful to be able to add new client statuses.  

We would like to add status like "Suspending pending payment" so that we can suspend a client but be able to run a report/PElert that triggers when a client with this status has a payment applied.  Suspending pending lost is not the right category to use but gives us the effect that we want.  


I understand that having too many statuses makes it hard to code the systems reaction to each client code so my suggestion is to create status "categories" like Active, Lost, Suspended, etc.  However we can create as many status names within those categories.


That way we can have Lost-Bad Debt (i.e. don't turn this one back on because we didn't collect the last time they were a client) vs Lost-Fired Client vs Lost-Client decision.  etc.  Easy way to see and run reports on why the client is lost.  

I know we could set up additional fields for all of this to check mark, but the status field shows up in so many reports, dashlets and grids that it is a waste not to use the status field to separate these various client statuses.



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