Improve UI on Timesheet entries at end of month

Timesheets regularly span the two week periods, especially at month end.  In older versions, you would enter / close the timesheet, some of which would be split across the week, with the non-relevant days greyed out.

The new system allows you to enter the whole week and it works out which timesheet to add the time too.  This is better, however at month end we want to get all time posted to the month end, which may fall in the middle of the week.

We therefore need users to enter part of the week.  It's not obvious from the new system where the break in time sheet period is, so would it be possible to highlight this in the entry screen?

For instance, if Wednesday was the 31st October and Thursday the 1st November, a more solid border between Wednesday and Thursday would give the user a visual queue where one period ended and the other started.

In addition to this, it would help if users could complete all entries up to a point.  At the moment, you have a "Complete All" option for marking entries as complete.  We would like a "Complete Up To" option that would allow the user to mark all entries up to a given date (time / period end for example).  This would save the user having to complete line by line in the weeks than span a month end.



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