Rebill option (Credit and ReInvoice same wip)

We would LOVE to have a way to reverse (credit) an invoice but then have the system know we want to re-invoice the exact WIP again. 

The need is providing clients with a credit but ensuring the credit is appropriately factoring into realization calculations.  So we have been told to reverse the first invoice then re-invoice at the lower rate. 

Since credits often happen a month or two after the initial invoice it can be tedious to ensure you are pulling in the sames lines of WIP onto the new invoice (especially if you have a lot of WIP lines and multiple clients involved). 

It would be great if the system could know that when reversing this invoice, auto create a draft bill that is the same as the original so that it can be quickly modified for the changes needed (instead of wasting time re-creating the original bill and then modifying items).



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