Job Notes

V9.6.7166.27130: Currently every note defaults to be deleted when the job is closed unless a note type that we have created is selected. I would like the option to change the default setting on notes that do not have a specific note type so they are not deleted. If this is not possible then I would like the ability to have every note addition default to one of the note types we created instead of always making the user select a note type. Do all users really want the notes to be deleted from jobs so they can never be accessed again or would people rather have these at least stay on the job for reference in the future but not roll forward. We do not put notes(review notes or points) that create an audit trail so to speak in PE so the notes we do input we really need to stay on the job. I realize we can create our own note types to accomplish our specific settings but expecting everyone in the Firm to always select the right note type for each entry is unrealistic. This means when people forget to select a note type and the current system default is used we will potentially have issues in the future where we need to go back a reference something but the note is not there. Thank you


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