Add more details to the Timesheet Favorites

Hello Dev,

I'm adding this feature request on behalf of our client with ticket 44286.

"This may not be possible but I was asked to find out if there is a way to configure the Favorites pane on the timesheet screen (tab that opens when clicking for the Suggestions area) to show more than the client/job. Is there a way to also allow the task to also appear on the listing?"

- Jennifer Steward

I personally would also agree with Jennifer here since I use PE for internal time reporting and it does get confusing (see image below). It's hard to distinguish which time entry is the one that I use for Monday meetings vs the ones for Thursday or Friday which all fall under the same client/job. Could we add hours, tasks, or comments into the details of the favorites so that each line (if client/job are the same) we could identify which is which? 


Jorge Martin

IRIS Practice Engine - Agent (zendesk.com) 


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