Ability to merge Time and Disb in a scheduled bill

I noticed that when setting up a scheduled bill, that (by design) it takes the billing value and sends out an invoice based on the trigger structure of the scheduled bill settings for TIME, it will create all entries as TIME and if a DISB is added to the job then this is billed as a separate line, what if Expenses or Disbursements are already within the scope of the work or job? If the client has agreed to a budgeted amount that includes these expenses (not saying this is the most popular scenario, but it does happen), then shouldn't the system be flexible enough to accommodate for this? Once the bills are drafted I can not remove or edit my DISB from it, so my request would be that there is a setting within the Schedule Bills setup that allows you to treat DISB entries as a separate line, to either evaluate manually or include them into the budget structure. So if a client is billed 12000 for a project, there is a checkbox that includes expenses into that budget and the client only gets billed the agreed amount.


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