Date placeholders for billing narratives for year end date etc

Having date placeholders related to the job being billed would be a great feature to include in the billing narrative.  We always used a bill narrative such as "Preparation of your review engagement financial statements for the year ended July 31, 2022" - where the July 31, 2022 was a date placeholder which used the most recently passed year end or the year end of the job being worked on.  Now we find out Practice Engine does not have this functionality.  There seem to be random placeholders allowed throughout some areas of narratives - some dates on recurring bills, partner name on default job template billing narrative etc.  But no ability to insert the year end or period end date or even year.  If this feature was in, then our billing narrative would always be correct for each client and job we were billing without having to manually edit.  A good example is if we were doing a couple of years tax returns at once with a separate job for each year.  Our billing narrative would simply repeat Prep of Tax return without specifying the year as it is now.  If the date placeholder was allowed it would have a line specifying each year. 

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