Feature requests are considered ideas for future versions based on the most current version of IRIS Practice Engine. Please always look through previous requests from other users and vote and comment on those as they may be asking for the same feature. The more votes a request has, the more likely it is to make it into a future release. To vote on an idea, select the link for the desired request and select the up arrow to the left of the title. Our Development team will review all popular requests for possible implementation into a future version.

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Task Selection in Time Entry Mandatory to Complete Entry Graham Steen 13 comments 6 votes Completed
Billing Guides Barbara Juhass 13 comments 8 votes Completed
User dashlet layout settings should not be saved in cookies Steve Perkins 11 comments 14 votes Completed
Job Tasks Jane Trudgill 10 comments 3 votes Completed
Bulk Job Creation Aimee Osborn 9 comments 4 votes None
Jobs feature requests Michelle Harris 9 comments 7 votes Completed
Invoice Date default to Shannon Mathews 8 comments 1 vote Completed
Allow forwarding aof jobs to staff not assigned to job roles Lisa Dunnigan 8 comments 3 votes Completed
Job Notes Lisa Dunnigan 8 comments 2 votes Completed
Field on Job Details tab needed for 'Comments' or 'Description' Tiffany Roussel 7 comments 3 votes None
Default a description to task code in time entry Shannon Hunter 7 comments 7 votes Completed
Job notes - Editing replies Michelle Harris 7 comments 5 votes Completed
Job Attributes John Schmitt 7 comments 6 votes Not planned
Biller Notes Edwin Gomez 7 comments 5 votes Completed
Receiving Reports from Macros Amanda Avery 7 comments 4 votes Completed
Active Directory Integration Don Logan 7 comments 2 votes Answered
Forward jobs from Pools in bulk Heather Barbee 6 comments 2 votes None
Improved Search Features Including Search Operators Rob Wallace 6 comments 5 votes Completed
Client Details History Stacy Mendenhall 6 comments 5 votes None
'Assurance' Menu change to 'Client Take On' Brad Podzius 6 comments 7 votes Completed
9.6 Timesheet Cut and Paste David Kelso 6 comments 4 votes Completed
See Outstanding Credits During Cash Receipt Entry Amanda Vaughan 6 comments 5 votes Completed
AR Partner/Manager assignment for the Portfolio view Stacy Mendenhall 6 comments 3 votes Completed
Input Masks in data fields - For consistently formatted data Steve Perkins 6 comments 7 votes Planned
Add UnPosted WIP Option on WIP tab for Zero Bill Permanently deleted user 6 comments 6 votes Completed
Search Feature Anastasia Tanton 5 comments 2 votes Completed
Column filters on job grids Michelle Harris 5 comments 6 votes Completed
Job Details Permissions Holly Boullion 5 comments 5 votes Planned
Report Builder Within PE Derrick Fung 5 comments 8 votes Completed
Ability to set default columns for all users Will Hard (Hillier Hopkins LLP) 5 comments 2 votes Answered